Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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A little something About Us









 Well, lets tell you a little about Aviation Creations and who I am.   I started doing Aircraft Interiors almost 30yrs ago! Wow... I have a few days under my belt.  In the past we have done work from Completions on Fixed wing and Rotor Aircraft.  I worked hand in hand with Pentastar Aviation & General Motors Aircraft divisions.  They essentially taught me the Bizz, and what is required to work on all category of Airframes.  We became a Certified Repair Station and provided one of a kind STC's, From specialty china/ crystal cabinets for Gulfstreams to heated seats for general aviation.  We had several employees and we did from Cessna 150's to Gulfstreams & Commerical airliners 737,757,767,747's.   We have even done work for your past Presidents of the United States. 

Through the years we developed working relationships with many fortune 500 corporations and completed their luxurious jet interior requirements.  Who were these clients you might ask? 

Companies from Dana, Bendix, Shell Oil, Ford, Domonios Pizza, Detroit Pistons, NetJets, Flight Opts, EJA,  Duncan Aircraft, Cessna Citation Service Centers, Bombardier aircraft, Marathon Oil,  the list goes on. Airline work  included Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Braniff, Northwest, Delta, mostly their Leather requirements for your first class enjoyment.!

We loved providing custom interiors for GA aircraft as well.... offering the same quality and timing as for the corporate client and developed our mail order concept due to the fact we had so many clients ask how we could get their interiors done when they lived across the country.  After several yrs of turnkey jobs we started to focus on introducing mail order work for GA clients. 

So..... through some creative thinking we managed to take all the fear out of tackling your aircraft yourself.  So, with a little help from us it will not seem like such a hard daunting task to "Assist in doing your own interior work.", and you can save a great deal of money in the process.  We will discuss what you need to do, how to approach the job, and how to comply with the FAA requirements, within this site.   Your GA interiors never looked so good.

Why not Assisted "Do it yourself" upgrades

The question is Why Not offer Mail Order upgrades. We will work with you each step of the way.  While we are doing the seating, panels, headliner etc, you are preping and painting the plastic window surrounds & putting the sound deadening in.  Checking and cleaning the inside of aircraft and checking for corrosion. Once we are done with the cut&sew and build then you simply put all the parts back in. 

So, the next time you are thinking about putting leather in your aircraft and it was always such an expensive option.....now you have Aviation Creations to provide unlimited Designs at no extra cost penalities. 

Yes, we still offer total turnkey interiors for clients. We only offer Interior refurbishing of aircraft now, but at our Scottsdale or Deer Valley Airports we have full maintenance and avionics work available for you while the aircraft is being worked on., we can also coordinate your repainting requirements, check out Arizona Aircraft Paint, they work on all types of airframes from singles to twins and Jets.

We can offer mail order service for any type of aircraft in any part of the country you may fly from.  Let's talk about it.

As you go through the various aircraft selections you will see the variety of aircraft we work on and we are always looking for more opportunities.  Thanks so much for taking the time to review our offerings.

Aviation Creations: Contact us via email: leatherbizz@hotmail.com or call 480-998-1752.