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Reduce that noise

 This is a typical application of whats behind those panels, no wonder it is so noisy in that cabin, we will show you how to reduce those decibels quickly and efficiently. First photo shows fiberglass, then next photos shows the bare aluminum which creates Oil canning, vibrations, and drum effect noise.   We stop that with Vibration Dampening material.

 To start the process, you remove the existing fiberglass materials, clean the inner aluminum surfaces between the stringers and then cut and fit this unique dampening resonant vibrations thin sheet dampener.  You cut and fit in the middle of stringers to reduce the airborne vibrations.  Great Stuff with a great price.  Cut with shears and then peel and stick in place.  Bond gets stronger with age.  You can install on overhead, side walls, behind the plastic parts, panels, anywhere to help reduce vibrations and noise.

Note: This is where you put this dampener material just in the middle of the stringers. The vibrations go right towards the middle and are obsorbed.

Now for part two: This material is now installed over the Vibration Damping material.  You simply again...cut and fit stringer to stringer bringing right to the edges.  You use this from headliner to sidewalls, front to back,  you can put it on the floors, also consider putting it on the backs of your plastic window surrounds........the stuff Works!! 

 As you can see this latest material is very thin, you simply cut and fit stringer to stringer, put on the backs of your plastic window surrounds, put on the backside of your trim panels, remember this stuff attacks Airborne    Noise!.  Both materials have a addhesive backing so you cut, peel and stick, the bond gets stronger with age.

Now, when we completely refurb your headliners, seats, sidewalls, and flooring you will have a quieter interior in which to keep your sanity. 

 Superior Sound Proofing and thermal insulation. This material really works!!!

Cost is as follows: Sound Deadening Damping panels comes in sheets that are 27" X 48" ......$78.00/sheet cuts easy and has a peel off adhesive backing.

Sound Deadening Noise damping is roughly 1/4"thick, very light wt.,has aluminum facing, and has a peel off  adhesive backing comes in sheets 27" x 48".......$125.00/sheet.

 Once installed you can put your original fiberglass insulation back over these materials with just a spot of spray adhesive to hold the fiberglass in place.

 Couple all this sound dampening with new thicker windows and you have a totally new level of aircraft.

Why pay over $2,800 to have a company do the work when you can do it yourself for around $1,400.00, and have total satisfication of completing this job yourself.  Contact us for additional information on this unique dampening material.  FAA approved, meets Part 23 and Part 25.853. 

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