Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Can I remove and reinstall my interior?

    You certainly can.  You simply take pics before you remove the interior, take some notes, put all critical fastners or headset jacks, placards, etc, and tag and bag them.  If we are not rewebbing your belts, set them aside and mark them for reinstall.  

  2. What if I do not know what Colors or Designs to choose?

    Not to worry, we have been designing and color coordinating interiors for several yrs now, whether it is a corp jet, helicopter, twin, or single we can offer several great ideas for you, just look at all the photo gallery and get excited.

  3. How long does it take to cut and sew my interior?

    Typically, we like to have two full weeks for a complete interior, and that is based on materials being instock once your interior parts arrive.  These times may be shorted if you are only doing the trim panels or just the carpeting or just the seating.  

  4. So how do I box all these parts?

    Good question.....very simple, pilot and copilot seat simply come apart with two bolts from cushions to the backs, once apart just set them in a box, two seats go in one 27 x 27 x 24 box. Rear bench comes apart with a few bolts as well and they go in one separate box as well, just give us a call and we will give you the box sizes required and how to ship the boxes.  You do not need to spend a great deal of time packing items, we however, do when we ship back to you.

  5. What about certifications for FAA compliance?

    We care about your safety, we supply all the burn cert's for your log book entry from the leathers, foam, carpeting the works, whether you are a part 23 or part 25, we will supply you with the necessary docs. If we are doing a corp jet we will perform the fire blocking documents as well.  Please use caution when using some trim shops, they say they use FAA approved materials but as you can see from pics on our site, it is disgusting what these so called trim shops get away with.!  If we are doing a turnkey interior for you, we do the log book entries and supply the cert's to you as well. 

  6. Do you offer total removal and reinstall of my interior if I do not want to do a assisted do it yourself interior upgrade?

    Yes, we offer total turnkey interiors for the people that do not have the time or interest to assist in this unique process.  We try and save people money by offering Custom Leather interiors that few trim shops will do via through the mail, and we certainly offer unparalleled quality when you bring us your plane. 

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