Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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Design  Services

We have been involved in aircraft design for several yrs and have played a roll in some very unique programs.  We assisted in the Interior Designs for Rotary and Fixed wing clients.   If you have a need for a particular Design or want to have an STC or PMA on a part or product, please give us a call.  We have DER's available for many aspects of the aircraft, from G loads, to structural applications.  Seating mods, to engine mods, to actually fabricating aircraft parts.  We can handle the Design, Prototype Fabrication, Feasibility Studies, Marketing, Certifications, and complete FAA requirements.   Let us know what you want done and we can discuss the idea and create a budget for it.  Just want an Illustration at this time, no problem, we can help.

This was a prototype seat project for a Rotary aircraft.  Extremely light wt, built in shoulder and lap harnesses, air blatters for lumbar and thigh supports, heated seats for cold weather applications.