Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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How the process works

 Once you have gone over the site and reviewed all the various sew styles and leather choices, take a few notes and start developing your ideas so we can discuss them with you.  Once you have picked a design and or used our assistance, it is time to lock in on your choice of colors.  Solid or multi tones, perforated inserts, or suede inserts, embroidery in the seat backs or headrests, embossing of leathers all of these things will be finalized.  You can also take any of the designs shown it does not matter what mfg make of aircraft you have. 

We will bring your seats to a whole new comfort level, No more uncomfortable flights, No more feeling like you are going to fall through the seats or worse yet cannot see over the glare shield.  Why settle for the same "Ole" interior at some other shop when you can have what you want and at a affordable rate. Look at the typical foam work for your next upgrade.

Contact us so we can start talking about your requirements.  

You can email us at: leatherbizz@hotmail.com 

 call us at 480-998-1752.

The seat frames are painted to color coordinate with the Leather of course.  Not like others that leave them black.  Need New  foam just ask. Want Embroidery just ask, how about a jacket with your N number or airframe type......  Check out our accessories page.

Note on these seats:  NO more plastic backs, some shops still use them, they are out dated and ugly. We sew out all leather backs with Double needle stitching and full leather pockets, NO matching vinyls to compromise here.  NO sloppy sewn pockets here, we sew seam to seam so they are reinforced and do what they are supposed to do, and look good doing it!   Note: Armrests covered in all Leather with double needle stitching.  Even the aluminum plate behind the seats is covered in leather along with the headset mic jacks, just send them we cover them to coordinate with your interior, it does not cost that much to do extra parts, just ask.

Just Imagine the Possibilities......
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