Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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Our Leather Palette.........by:  Genuine Nature

We offer all natural full grain aniline through dyed leather with a light finish to provide protection and easy maintenance.    Our Leathers offer a luxurious hand and is offered in over 150 colors. The Leather is flame treated during the tanning process to pass FAR 25.583.   The big news is that we are Europe's first Leather producer with certified environmental management systems.  They hold ISO 14001 which took yrs to achieve, which translates to user friendly processing & a safer invironment for employees, suppliers and you our customers.    ECO-FRIENDLY LEATHERS

 Kinda beats messing around with fabric and vinyls doesn't it.?                 We are talking Genunine Nature here.  Leather from nature itself has worked into the texture of every piece of genuine full grain leather.  Every steer has experiences which leave small healed scars in the hide resulting in characteristic marks on the finished leather.  Such beauty marks are recognized as conclusvie proof of genuine full grain leathers. 




 We offer 16 to 18 rich textured colors of cut pile nylon carpeting.  we also carry a large selection of wools and or special made goods, so you need to tell us what you want.  We much better styles and cut piles than some of our competitors that use typical automotive style rugs, Rugs burn so make sure it passes part 23 or part 25, it is very important to note that toxic gases are emitted through smoke. 



Note: Below is several different color combinations for your considerations.  You can mix and match, select just one color leather for the seats, and or two colors of leathers for the trim panels., We have been designing interiors on aircraft for several yrs now and I think we can help you out along with your ideas.  Check out some of these ideas!