Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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We are the #1 Aircraft Leather Interior Specialty COMPANY Period!

You can have whatever you want from one color, two toning, three colors for a real sport look, Double Needle Stitching, Piping, Top Stitching, Logo Embroidery, hand skived and shaped Foam......all without breaking the bank. 

Have a look at just some of the Piper Interiors below.  



Most trim shops charge over $825.00 per seat Without two tone leathers, and just a plain old sew style.  If you want new foam They charge up to $800.00 just for that!

Here at Aviation Creations we will give you two tone Luxurious Leather, any colors, any sew style you want, Italian double needle stitching throughout, soda blasted and topcoated seat frames the works?call for or email for our pricing.

Just call or email to see what we charge for all new contoured foam, with larger bolsters, lumbar and thigh supports, if you want "Memory Foam" we do that as well just ask.  Check out all the various sew styles, you can mix and match from any airframe you like.  Thanks for looking!!


Finally you can now have a two tone leather wrapped yoke that is done nice and tight with classic stitching on your piper yokes., all you do is send them to us and we will give you a quick turnaround time 3 days for two yokes.

You can two tone them, have contrasting stitching, you can have the inserts embroidered to your personal requests, just give us a call or email and we can discuss your requirements, why buy sloppy prefit, foamed crap when you can have the real thing.  We love Pipers and it shows.


Do you have a PIPER door latch that is pitted or chipping and it just looks ugly as the part above? Well, we have 
direct replacements for this part all new chrome plated parts that will totally enhance your interior.  Just give us a call and we can send the new part out the same day, we have them in stock ready to ship.
Contact: leatherbizz@hotmail.com

New Piper Seat Hydralic Replacements

We offer total replacement of your old non working hydralic seat for pilot and copilot just ask us what to do to get your seat fixed.

Note our seat backs, NO more silly plastic backs with sloppy pockets, we sew pockets seam to seam for better durability and appearance.



 Want Perf? Well now you can have it in your seating to keep cool, just like your car! Just ask..



 Many companies have come and gone through the yrs and we just keep putting the best quality we can in these planes.

This is just some of the garbage that comes in to our shop, my customer was complaining that he was uncomfortable in his seats, Well look closer at these seats, yes that is WOOD that some supposed shop used for his blatter replacements, then look at the existing base foam, they used home couch webbing around the wood and frames with staples,  Is this illegal you might ask???  Yes, please.... whoever you work with get them to comply with part 43.13, and take the time to read Part 23.853 for FAA burn requirements,  or call us we can explain what you need to know.  480-998-1752. or email us leatherbizz@hotmail.com 

Here we have yet another piper seat where a shop tried to save money by using a rag to fill the gaps in the yes,...illegal foam, note the dry cleaning bags they used.  Please ask questions when refurbishing your valued aircraft.

Here is yet another wanna be blatter for you to sit on, this is not how it is done folks.

Here is an idea, have trim shops send you updated pics as they are working on your interior parts, Here at Aviation Creations you will get pics from start to finish "No Surprizes".

Come on isn't it time you finally stepped into a Aviation Creations all Leather interior. 


What can we do for your Aircraft, give us a call or email us so we can start to talk. 480-998-1752 or leatherbizz@hotmail.com  WE LOVE PIPERS....