Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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Rates & Services

Please find outlined some costs for your review.  This is just a guide line of pricing,  please tell us your make, model of aircraft and we will give you some pricing that is applicable to your needs.  Seat pricing not shown due to various requirements by clients. Just call or email us. Please send pics of your interior so we can see what you have and give you ideas as well as pricing.

Note:  Certain aircraft seating costs vary due to amounts of leather used, and their various sizes, some have headrests, armrests, seat belt booties. etc.

Cessna Seating:

These single seats are call for pricing.  Sew style and Design your choice Free, Two tone of leathers Free. Pockets Free, Painted Frames in the price.  (Foam work is extra if needed and or changed for memory and or other foams.  We can talk about it, it is NOT price prohibited.   If any hidden damage is found client is told about it and what we need to do.


This Bench seat is the split bench back, with leather closeouts on the back, Embroidery is extra depending on what you want inlaid on it.

Cessna Trim Panels:

Leather and carpeting combos, two tones, embroidery required just tell me what you want.  If you need extra pockets tell me where NO extra charge.

These trim panels as shown are sewn with glove soft Leather on the uppers and mid sections, then carpeting is put on the lower kick panels. Wool is optional, cut pile nylon is standard.  We again offer two tone leathers or solid colors, need extra pockets just ask, want Italian stitching as shown just ask. No extra charges added we just need to know what you want. If you panel substrates are rotted or ruined we can fabricate new panels at a slightly higher price.   The pricing for a typical 172/182 is as follows:  4 place....$1,500.00, 6 placeā€¦..call for pricing. Armrests are all leather with Italian stitching and built all you do is reinstallā€¦.$50.00ea.  Please note: call us to discuss your particular aircraft so we can give you a price on a 210,206 etc. 

Armrests as shown are $50.00 ea all leather with Italian stitching.  Note the door entrance welting, we make all new rubber welting and cover in leather. 

Carpeting: Plush pile nylon carpeting on kick panels and floor areas with over 18 colors to choose from bound only as necessary for durability., Leather inlays are sewn into the cockpit rudder pedal areas. Floor mats are included.   Typical cost: 4 place.....$595.00

Yes we offer rewebbed seat and shoulder harness applications.  The belts are rewebbed to color coordinate with new leathers, Choice of over 30 colors, belts carry a new TSO/PMA.  We also offer chrome plating, gold plating, black chrome etc.  Pricing is per market price on materials.  Shoulder harnesses, and Retractable belts are slightly more.

Piper Prices:

Typical Pricing for Piper seating as shown:  call or email for pricing.  Foam work is additional and Piper embroidery as shown is additional.  The two toning of leather is standard, and you again pick any sew style and or design at no additional cost.   If you have a 6 seat piper example lance, cherokee 6 the cost for the second set of seats (usually aft facing cost slightly more due to the sides and rear back with pockets areas.) we need to cut and sew additional leather for these two seats.  Seat frames are painted to coordinate with new leathers at no additional costs.  Note the headrests on these seats  cut & sewn and built, all you do is slide them in.

 All materials meet FAA burn requirements and documents are given to you for your A&P to do log book entries.







We offer sound deadening that you can cut and fit and install while we are working on your interior panels, seating or whatever you send us.  Note: this is a two part system.  First, you remove the old fiberglass insulation    and set aside.  You first apply a damping sheet  which is applied directly to the inner skin in the center of the stringers which will greatly help reduce Airborne Vibrations.  You simply cut and fit in the middle of the stringers, peel and stick in place,  it helps oil canning and the drum effects.  Secondly you apply a open celled material that is one inch thick, very light wt and it is easy to cut and fit, this goes stringer to stringer and you again cut, fit, peel the adhesive backed liner cover off and press in position.  This stuff works, and it is not price prohibitive.

Call for pricing due to size of your aircraft, we can tell you how much you will need.

Need a new Headliner?  Well, you take your existing one out and we will cut & sew a new Wool, Ultrasuede, simulated Leather that will be a direct replacement and offers a very rich looking appearance. 

Call for pricing due to size and various applications.  We can walk you through each and every removal and install requirements.

Need Accessories?, Need Embroidery of any kind, well we can fabricate any requests from shirts, hats, jackets, seat inlays, we can fabricate any special pockets, leather bags,  etc.  Just let us know what it is you want and we will give you a price to make it. 

Give us a call at 480-998-1752 or better yet email us your requirements and we can talk about it  leatherbizz@hotmail.com.    We love what we do and it shows.