Aviation Creations Custom Leather Interiors

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We offer a very unique service for your various aircraft parts, when your seating arrives we take the time to Soda Blast all the paint from the seat frames.  What is Soda Blasting you might ask?

Soda blasting is a totally Eco-Friendly product......Baking Soda!!         You use it in your cooking all the time., from cakes to cookies., as well as your washing machines, air freshners etc.   However, our baking soda is of a thicker material like the size of salt or sugar crystals.  When we blast paint the baking soda absorbs the paint and completely cleans the surfaces and makes it ready for new paint.  Nothing can get into small areas, like elevators, rudders, alierons like soda, NO more messy strippers, body suits, breathing equipment just blast away the aluminum for a smooth clean surface.  For more details go to my website for extensive info.            http://www.southwestsodablasters.com/

You mask the windows, static ports everything like you would with chemical strip, and then we take it down to the aluminum this is much faster and safe for our enviroment.  We will not hurt Fiberglass.  This is a great way to remove any poly's, laquers, primers, anything that needs to be taken from your surfaces. 

Note the frames are now topcoated and ready for the new blatters to hold the new hand skived and shaped foam.

If we can blast this engine just imagine what we can do to clean your aircraft engine. No masking, No special preping, No electrical issues, just let us blast away those yrs of grim, grease and old flaky paint.  Our process is Eco-Friendly since we use Baking Soda it simply washes away with water and creates no Hazmat or evironmental impacts period!  Contact Aviation Creations for all your Airframe, Engine, Landing Gear, special part needs.  480-998-1752.