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What is your next step

 Okay, the next step is to take photos of your existing interior.

Note, just how easy it is to remove the panels yourself, this client is refurbishing his Piper 140, he simply removed the existing seats front and rear in minutes, removed the existing rug, now as you can see he is removing the trim panels, he took roughly one hr to remove the full interior.  Now the next step:

Then, take a few boxes and put the various parts you want refurbished in them.  A great box size is 24x24x20 from uhaul, you will need one of them for the two frt seats, you can take the two bolts out of each seat cushion to back and they will both go in one box.  Next take a large mirror box for the trim panels again from Uhaul, and you can put the bench back in one as well., you will need to make a box for the bench cushion using two mirror boxes.,  Cessna, Piper, Rockwell, Bonanza all can use the 24X24X20 boxes for the single seats. The boxes cost under $7.50 per box and they are double thickness, works great.

These boxes contain the bench cushion and note the narrow box is a large mirror box from uhaul to hold the bench back.  Note the two boxes for the single seats. Very simple and effective.

Next step:  Now go over the various designs offered and pick your sew styles and leather colors.

From smooth inserts, to gathered, from piping to Italian double needle stitching, Logos or contrasting leather colors.

Do you need foam work done?

Do you need memory foam added, or as some call it Confor foam.  We can shape it for the inserts, backs, bolsters whatever you would like.  Sometimes we can use your existing foam and add on to it, or remove the complete cushion and back and shape all new foam with different densities for comfort and much better support.

Give it some considerations......may cost slightly more to upgrade but you get lumbar support, thigh support, bolsters, you can put memory foam throughout, or just in certain areas, have us redevelop all new foam for better height, or skive some out if you are taller.  It is worth the effort as you can see from final photos. 

Now that all that is completed it is time to ship the boxes.  You can ship UPS, Fedex, DHL, common carrier all via ground.  You do not have to pack the interior parts with caution, we will pack them very carefully back to you to protect your investment.   Remember, we are a custom upgrade facility, there is nothing like our company in this market place offering such a high line beautiful custom crafted Assisted Interior at our reasonable prices. 


Some People take time to pack things, and others don't as you can see         and the end result is they both get here.  We on the other hand make sure the finished product is sent back with extreme care.


Delivery:  Once we receive your interior parts we will transform them into a beautiful work of art and send them back within an average turnaround of 12 to 15 business days.  When we receive your parts we will call you and go over the workscope again to make sure everything is correct.  Before you ship we need a deposit of 50% to order the materials and get them on the way, you can certainly send the interior parts but delivery will vary if the materials are not ready for us to cut&sew once the parts are all preped as required.  We except credit cards, Master, Visa, and Discovery Cards, or put a check in the mail is fine. 

 Once we have everything completed we will contact you to see what your method of shipment is, and we will have the final billing shipping costs for you.  Everything must be paid including shipping prior to releasing newly refurbhished interior parts.  We prefer wire transfers or overnight cashiers check on the balance due.  

We at Aviation Creations, certainly appreciate your order and together we will work to give you a custom Assisted Do it yourself Interior, like no others, and that you will be proud of for yrs to come.

Call us today...........to schedule 480-998-1752 or fax 480-998-1781.

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Happy Flying!!!