Choosing the right leather for your interior can be a lot of fun.  Aside from hundreds of colors, we feature a variety of grains and textures that will transform the look and feel of your interior.

These are just a few color options from one of our leather vendors.  Download a large-format color chart HERE



We can take your custom interior to another level with custom perforation.  Custom shapes, patterns, and stitch-work with endless color combinations. 


Take that unique design and expand it throughout your interior; our design team can tie your trim panels and seats together using complimentary design elements and perforation patterns.

Separate your interior from the ordinary.


Seats are the first thing people see when they get in your airplane, not to mention the comfort and safety aspect of a modern interior.  We build seats as custom as you can dream; endless designs, materials, embroidery, perforation, stitching and color combinations. We start by tearing down your old seats to the frame.  Seat frames are re-painted and modern seat blatters are custom-built.  We then take FAA approved foam with different densities and custom shape your new seats to create comfort where it counts, giving you lumbar, thigh, and bolster support. Custom seats will transform the looks and safety of your aircraft.



If your airplane still has ash trays... you are definitely due for a full upgrade! One of our most popular upgrades are secured arm-rests with integrated cup holders. 

Our custom side panels are able to accent and compliment your seat designs using the same leather materials, stitching, and perforation patterns.  Most stock factory trim panels were produced with flimsy cardboard-like materials; we upgrade these to a sturdy lightweight aluminum that will stand the test of time and add an element of elegance to your airplane.

Bring your aircraft into the 21st Century with elegant upgrades your passengers will love.



It's pointless to upgrade your seats and side panels without adding fresh carpet and clean new seat belts. We have hundreds of colors and textures to choose from to compliment and contrast your new interior.

Ask yourself how clean your carpet really is?



HEADLINER - a new suade headliner will add elegance and insulation to your aircraft.

Custom Pockets - finally you can put a custom pocket ANYWHERE you want; any size, any style.

LEATHER WRAPPED YOKES - Nothing screams elegance more than custom wrapped leather yokes.

EMBROIDERY - Let us embroider your make, model, logo, or any other image you'd like into your seats or panels.

CHROME BUCKLES - Update those old buckles to new polished chrome, gold, or graphite.

CUSTOM STITCHING - Your passengers will know it's custom when even the stitch style is unique.

Separate your airplane from the ordinary.


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